Report: The Paris Grigny Discus Show 2015


Paris Grigny Discus Show 2015

The EDA association (European Discus Amateur) organized in Parisian suburbs its first discus show : The Paris Grigny discus show 2015.

Praised by discus lovers wishing a national event at the crossroads of Europe, This contest have welcomed a large number of fish.

The city of Paris contributed to the power of attraction of the competition prompting several European participants to come.

Indeed, English, Spanish, Polish and french had brought their most beautiful discus bearing thus to 4 the number of represented nations. (Nevertheless two professionals represented their Brazilian suppliers who where not present).

A beautiful mobilisation for a first contest...


Two french discus show

France extends over 1 000 km from North to South and from East to West and it is difficult to mobilize fans to move in an aquaristic event . The km, the cost, availability can demotivate some to move for a weekend 100% discus.

I believe that we can be proud to have two french discus show organized by two separate associations in our country. SODA who organizes the France Discus Show in Charente Maritimes (french area) and EDA who this year organized the Paris Grigny Discus show.

There is no doubt that this will create an emulation and will contribute to develop the hobby in our country.

The Paris Grigny discus show 2015 was therefore awaited with curiosity by all discus lovers...

A first edition for EDA but not for some of its members who had also already actively participated in the first frenchs discus competitions of history during the years 90. (Ablon sur Seine, Vincennes)

EDA therefore had a heart to mark minds during the weekend...

Trophees Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Beautiful trophies of Paris Grigny discus show 2015


Paris Grigny discus show 2015 : A large number of participants

With 110 Discus engaged in individual categories and 75 engaged in "group of 5 Youngs" the Paris Grigny discus show 2015 was one of the most important rally of discus for an European competition. (In recent years)

Those fish have been judged by 6 judges : Henri Bak (France, President of the jury), David Bailly (France), Heiko Bleher (Germany), Christian Isabet (France), Xavier Jeanmaire (France), Annie Maesschalck (Belgium) and myself (Yann Hoiret). Roberto Pasqualucci originally planned was not able to join us for health reasons... Here, I wish him a good recovery...

Jury Paris discus show 2015

The jury of the edition 2015

Divided into 10 categories, the fish have been assessed according to 5 criterias that are the general impression, the fins and tails, the body, the eyes and color/pattern.

Each of these criteria were rated on 20 points giving a maximum final note of 100. (5 criterias x 20 maximum points)
With 6 judges, each fish receives a note on 600 points (6 judges x 100 maximum points).

For a better understanding, I voluntarily calculated these total notes on 20 points. So in the article you find here, When I refer notes, It will be notes on 20 maximum points available.


Wild discus

This category stir up and will stir up passions... Usually less represented in contest, Wild discus were present with 14 fish engaged.

The subtleties and difficulties of the judgment are summarized in several things.

First ; in this single and unique category (fault of participants) are judged 4 types of discus : Browns, the Blues, the Greens and the heckels. The expectations of the judges are different from a type of fish to another . (Particularly at the pattern level)

What is more, These discus take more time to acclimatise to the conditions of the contest, so some beautiful fish do not get rankings hoped because of bad grades obtained for example in "General Impression"...

The results are usually debated, just as ratings of the «open» hybrids categories. A good "solid" discus (Solid without pattern) against a good "pattern" discus (with body pattern)… Difficult sometimes to accept results.

In this category, the classification was very tight. Only 0.7 points/20 separate the discus 2nd from the 9th fish !

Many discus being penalized on one or more criterias but... also congratulate on others !

It is therefore the most harmonious fish who won the first place.

Discus wild 1 st Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Francis Hu / Na Discus winner of the category

The fish arrived 1st in this category presented during the judgment day a beautiful golden color. With a score of 15.66/20 He was designed winner by 3 judges on 6. It will become first, the 3 other judges placing it all in the 6 firsts.


2nd wild discus Grigny Paris show 2015 Wild Discus 3rd discus Grigny Paris show 2015

Left the second from Frédéric Gobert / Jackson Keong. on right the one of Tran Quan.

As I mentioned above, few points separate the fishes. Despite less good grades obtained because of its colouration pattern and shape; the fish engaged by Frédéric Gobert came second thanks to a good general impression synonym of a good acclimatization.

Tran Quan french amateur participant wins the third place (And at the same time the price of the best amateur). Four judges on six classifying it in the first three places; We can say that this fish will have caused a sensation with enthusiasts.


The fine pattern discus

This category proposed by the organizers include varieties with fine patterns such as snakeskin discus or also the red spotted snakeskin discus.

The podium will be played here with few difference of points. (15.3/20 for the first, 15.03/20 for the second and 14.9/20 for the third).

No fish in this category will have really made the jury unanimous. However, it is without surprise that the quadruple Grand Champion of the European competitions (Presented by Clive Brampton) climbs on the podium.

Discus red spotted snakeskin Frederic Gobert Paris 2015

Discus red spotted snakeskin winner Frédéric Gobert / Jackson Keong

The winner, a red spotted snakeskin had good grades with its pattern and the general impression.

Personally, I less enjoyed the shape of this fish, but its other good scores on other criterias had allowed him to become first.


Discus snakeskin Francis Hu Paris discus show 2015

Francis Hu / Na discus second

Francis Hu fish's, a snakeskin who was one of my favorites.

It had however some few defects : The eye shape was not quite round on his left flank and his pattern wasn't not enough contrasted.

I think we have here a young fish and I wouldn't be surprised to see again this line on other European podiums...
Very elegant, He deserves his place on the podium.


Discus snakeskin Clive Brampton Paris discus show 2015

Discus snakeskin third from Clive Brampton

In third position, Another snakeskin that I no longer present ! He was elected Best in Show in not less of 4 European competition. This fish of an impressive size will not get the unanimity of the judges but graceful animal...

There are few things to blame him but its competitors overtake him for example on the "eye color" criteria and maybe because of a lack of clarity in its base color. (A little dark during the judgment)

La Team Ricky Lim Paris discus show 2015

Clive Brampton will win several titles in Paris


The albino discus

Usually placed in the category "open" present albinos in the Paris Grigny discus show 2015 were numerous enough to dedicate them a full class.

In the 13 engaged discus, only 4 really seduce the judges ; other participants getting rather average ratings.
It is Jenny Harris from United Kingdom and "his baby" which will rise on the highest place with 5 judges on 6 who will designate her fish as the most beautiful in its class.

Discus albinos Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Jenny Harris first with this fish

With a score of 16.4/20 Jenny Harris easily outperforms its competitors.

Discus albinos Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Red iris and pupil synonym of great notes in the albinos…

enny Harris and his first in albino discus

Jenny Harris winner for her first participation in a contest!


Discus albinos Paris grigny discus show 2015 Discus albinos Paris Discus show 2015

Left the fish second from Francis Hu. Right the third presented by Frédéric Gobert

Francis Hu won the second place with a similar but older fish.

The shape of the body was not as good as the winner.

Fish in third position ahead of the fourth for 0.03 points ! the gap is very thin !

The fishes behind it will not do better and without having an exceptional pattern, This fish will become third.
Have a look here on red eyes well noted by the all judges.


Discus of the Open category

The open category brings together all the fish cannot integrate the other categories. You will find here the discus of both types of color (solid or patterned)

Sometimes difficult to decide between them.

However three fish widely dominate others : Two snow white discus and a pigeon blood spotted snakeskin discus.

The two snow white discus will occupy the first two places. The one who won was the whitest of the two.

This will be the most complete fish. Shape, behavior, color will be its main qualities.


Open 1st Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Discus snow white by Francis Hu / Na Discus first in Open

Open 2nd Paris Grigny discus show 2015 Open 3rd Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Left the second from Marta Guttiera (Spain). Right the third Francis Hu / Na Discus

The second of Marta (Discusnorte), a female was very nice size with many qualities. The color will penalise this fish because a snow white should be white. Orange color coming from food, There is no doubt that the Spanish breeder will change it for the next contest...

The third is an unusual fish in competition. It has correct characteristics with good notes on the eyes judgment criteria, round and Red.

Marta Spain Discusnorte Paris Grigny 2015

Marta Guttiera Dance of joy at the delivery of her trophy


Large pattern discus (and irregular)

Frédéric Gobert

Frédéric Gobert winner of the category

This category grouped turquoise discus and pigeon blood. The turquoise discus already having their own category, It may seem difficult to understand why we find them also in another category.

This classification was also dropped for the World Championship of Napoli 2013 (NaQ) After the international Congress in 2011 gathered the world specialist of the subject.

In this contest, the striated turquoise discus (horizontal lines) had a good number of registrants and had their own category.

The turquoise discus with "irregular lines" (coarsed in English if we can translate like this) (Chekerboard, Tiger etc...) were them switched with the pigeon blood discus in a single category : the "large pattern" Category.

So, the turquoise varieties has been divided into two categories : striated and coarsed . "Coarsed" being grouped with the pigeon blood.

This classification is debated, but you have here some elements of explanations which I hope will help you understand.

In Greece, (Greek Discus Show 2014) where I had the pleasure of judging, turquoise who were numerous were also separated into two categories, but there was an additional category dedicated to the pigeon blood discus.

During Paris Grigny discus show, the pigeon were few represented and therefore incorporated the category "large pattern".


Discus turquoise Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Frédéric Gobert / Jackson Keong

The winner of this category did unanimity of judges on the criteria "pattern and coloration" with very good grades. I leave you to enjoy the picture of the winner. A very nice base color contrasting with the turquoise... This fish is a success at this level.

Observing well, you will see the point that remains to be improved for its owner : The eyes, that should be much more red.


Discus turquoise Clive Brampton Paris Grigny discus show 2015 Discus pigeon blood Discusnorte Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Left the second turquoise discus. Right the third blood pigeon.

Clive Brampton Meanwhile won the second place with a turquoise discus. It will satisfied 4 judges on 6 enabling him access the podium.

I personally little less appreciated the shape and the eyes of this fish.

This fish still let me the memory of a fish with a nice size capturing number of looks...

The third will be a pigeon blood from Marta Guttiera (Discusnorte) that had done us a beautiful dance of victory picked up his second trophy of the day.

She was in front of Clive Brampton which failed to win two titles in this category.

Marta Spain Discusnorte Paris Grigny discus show

And two titles for Marta whose joy was a pleasure to see!


Red discus

This category will be a success for our English friends since three winning fish were presented by Francis Hu and Jake Marriott.

The winner was in my opinion the most complete on the overall judgement criterias. It will get fairly homogeneous notes.
The black pigmentation on her anal and caudal fin is regrettable but get such fish with beautiful red, with a good color distribution is not easy...

These small defects will not prevent him to win.

Discus solid red 1st Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Discus red melon first Na Discus / Francis Hu


Discus solid red 2nd Paris Grigny discus show 2015 Discus solid red 3rd Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Left the second from Francis Hu / Na discus. Right the third from Jake Mariott

The second has a good pattern, but I found its shape a little bit disappointing. On the other hand, You can observe the absence of black pigment on this fish.

The third is a surprising fish by its colouration pattern. The Red coloration comes onto the gills and the top of the eye.

Some average scores on criteria such as the general impression, its body will have almost cost him with third place in favour of a Polish red melon from Kazimierz Krackowski


Turquoise discus

This category was very strange and not so easy to judge. Indeed, a general observation often gave good level of fish, but a detailed judgment could allow to find little defects not easy to evaluate.

So, the first two will be subject of some discussions between judges about physical defects.

Despite this, the competitors of these fish did not have enough qualities to worry them...

At the first position, you find a fish that has already well traveled because it is a fish that I have judge in Greece during the 2nd east mediterranean discus show.

It evolved well. For this I invite you to compare this fish on the both competitions.

turquoise 1st Paris Grigny Discus show 2015

Francis Hu (Chens discus) / Na discus winner in turquoise


turquoise 2nd Paris Grigny Discus show 2015 turquoise 3rd Paris Grigny Discus show 2015

Left the second from Frédéric Gobert / Jackson Keong. Right the third from Jake Mariott

In second position, a fish with a shape that could be better, with a more marked and contrasted pattern.
But elegant, was the word I used for him... Also I would later learn that I had already used this qualifier for another fish from the same owner in another discus show... (France discus show Arvert 2014).

The third was a good fish but overall less well noted than the first two.

Its pattern was however unanimously rewarded by the judges.


Spotted discus

With a score of 15.36/20 It is the fish of Jenny Harris who quite easily wins the first place. Indeed, 4 judges on 6 will designate this fish as the winner of its category.

It will be the shape of this fish that will make the difference. And his pattern, even if it is not perfect will let a good impression.
This shimmering blue color was quite attractive.

Discus red spotted Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Winner of spotted Jenny Harris / Michal Blakemore

Located in second and third position, fish from Frédéric Gobert and his partner Jackson Keong were quite similar.

On these two fish, the judges will have penalized the shape and the color of the eyes.

But these less good scores on these two criteria will be generally minimized by good grades obtained in colouration pattern and overall impression.

On the fish in second position you will notice the presence of "rings" these circles so wanted by Leopard discus breeders.

spotted 2nd Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Note the few circles on this fish Frédéric Gobert / Jackson Keong

Discus leopard Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Third Frédéric Gobert / Jackson Keong


breeding group (young fish)

Discus breeding discus batch Paris show 2015

Not so much presented in competition, participants should present in this category 5 young discus of 10 cm.

I personally wouldn't have thought to such enthusiasm for this category. Indeed, 15 participants presented their young fish.

I let you imagine the difficulty of judgment...

Fish are judged in the same way as adults in individual categories, but we will search the uniformity of the Group on all of the criteria.

To get good grades, These young fish should have individual and common qualities !
This of course enlight the work of selection of the breeder...

NA Discus fish occupy the top three places because Francis Hu (Importer in England from the Malaysian discus breeder) and his customers will rise all three on the podium.

These fish are easily ahead of their competitors by the uniformity and quality of the groups proposed to the judges.

As Discus red lovers, I rather enjoyed those red melon . These fish took a little more time to acclimatize, which will cost them a few points for the color that should have been more red.

Discus red melon yellow Francis Hu Paris discus show 2015

First Jenny Harris / Michal Blakemore

Discus red melon Francis Hu Paris discus show 2015 Discus turquoise Francis Hu Paris discus show 2015

On Left, the second a group from Francis Hu. Right the third group from Jack Mariott


Solid blue discus

The best for the end? You will understand it, It is in this category that was elected fish "Best in Show" or the most beautiful fish of the competition...

Fish winner of this category will have received the highest rating of the contest with a 16.73/20

Election of the "Best in show" takes place in a moment of high concentration. The judges comparing all the winners in each category to elect their most beautiful fish.

And once is not custom, the entire jury was agree to elect the discus blue diamond of Francis Hu and Na discus...
This fish had a large number of qualities. Personally, I would have liked a little more uniformity on the pattern ; some areas of the body of this fish was a little less "reflective" than others in the center of its body and the caudal peduncle.

Very graceful, This discus will have attracted the attention...

Blue diamond Paris Grigny Discus show 2015 best in show

Discus Blue Diamond

Best in Show Francis Hu (Chen's discus) / Na Discus

Solid blue Paris Grigny Discus show 2015 best in show

Francis Hu Chens discus Best in Show 2015

Francis Hu / Na Discus Best in Show Paris Grigny discus show 2015


In this category, You'll notice the difference of "quality" of those fish with the first.

Notice the difference in color, shape and color of the eyes we want on adequate size , round, with a beautiful red...

Solid blue 2eme Paris Grigny discus show 2015 Solid blue 3eme Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Left the second from Jenny Harris / Michal Blakemore. Right the third from Clive Brampton.


This report comes to the end... It is time for me to congratulate all the competitors. Take part in a first competition is synonymous of unknown situation and participants had responded present.

The organizers had a heart to offer a quality competition, and the Organization was a good level.

I think we can also congratulate the EHEIM society for his involvement and his sponsorship. The winners returned with high quality material ! The stand held by the company Paramount Aquarium who presented the famous German brand products has attracted many aquarists !

Stand Eheim Paris Grigny discus show 2015

The Eheim team official sponsor of the event


Participate in this kind of event is always a real pleasure, meeting place between passionates. I also thank many readers of the blog Fanatik-Discus which moved in the Paris area ! Your encouragement particularly touched me ... Thanks ! 😉

I personally enjoyed the moments of conviviality with Henri and Evelyne Bak who welcomed me and David Bailly in their home. What good times spent in your company !

Chez Henri Bak breakfast

Granted… We look very tired…

I also take the opportinity of this article to encourage all discus lovers for the Exchange in respect of the others. Comments targeting each and others that could be read on forums and social networks after results of this contest can only harm our beautiful passion...

Beyond our differents working together to enhance this beautiful fish that is the discus fish !

Everything is not perfect, But if our discussions are constructive and not destructive, the discus will get the benefit !

See you soon on the website Fanatik-Discus... Next move for me : Napoli Aquatica 2015 where I had the honour to be invited to participate in the 4th World Discus Congress.


To finish… A few pictures taken during the weekend…

Gala Dinner Paris Grigny discus show 2015

During great Gala dinner Saturday night….

Gala Gateau Paris Grigny discus show 2015

One of the beautiful cake….

Gala Gateau Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Who have caused a sensation!


Gala Dinner Paris Grigny discus show 2015

The winners in Amateur of France Discus Show 2014 in Arvert


Discusnorte and David Bailly

The Discusnorte team (Spain) and David Bailly


Matthew Paolieri et Yann Hoiret Paris Grigny discus show 2015

Matteo, Italian enthusiast who has made 1200 km to come…


Yann Shankar and Udo Thraen

Udo Thraen coming from Germany…


English Team in discus Paris show 2015

The english team at the bar???

Yann Hoiret

About Author

Discus Breeder and Discus columnist, Yann Hoiret share on the website Fanatik-Discus his experience and passion for the King of aquariums. From 2014 He worked as a writer for the french magazine "AquaMag", the German magazines "Discus Live" and "Discus yearbook". He participated as an international judge in France Discus show 2014 and 2016 in Arvert, au Greek Discus Show 2014 in Athens, Discus Show in Paris Grigny 2015, 2017 and 2019, au FIDO concurso 2016, 2017 and 2018 Spain, au Nordic Discus Show 2018 Sweden, au France Discus Show 2018 Cognac, Discusvrienden the discus competition 2018, 2019, 2022 in the Netherlands.


  1. Yann Hoiret on

    Hello Serge,

    Thank you! 🙂
    I'd present all weekend, I'd go take a look at your stand!

    Yann 🙂

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    At what time will be held the opening to the public on Saturday morning?


  3. Yann Hoiret on

    Hello Eric,

    I just published the program told me it.
    See above.

    Yann 😉

  4. Jenny Harris on

    The show was BRILLIANT Yann……I enjoyed it very much 🙂 As you know it was my first Discus Show and I couldn’t of asked for a better introduction to the world of discus showing. Well done 🙂

  5. Yann Hoiret on

    Hi Jenny!
    Happy to read you there!
    I was happy to meet the UK Discuss Gang!!! I didn’t took enough time with you this week end 🙁
    I checked the pictures i took with you and the other english friends… For sure i will publish some there… (And of course the picture of your baby!!!)
    Give me some time, i will publish here the report of the show 😉
    Your are welcome here on Fontana-Discuss Jenny.
    Best regards

  6. Congratulations and thank you for this excellent report.

  7. Hello Yann,

    Congratulations for this beautiful story, the Discussophile reference.(The Top)
    Thank you, that souvenir !

    See you soon

  8. Yann Hoiret on


    Steph thank you! Content that you liked ais! 🙂

    Gilles, Thank you very much…. Yes once again very good memories… And I have some pictures that I can't make public… ahahahahah

    I should one day make an article "Discus show… the behind the scenes "That incentive may be lovers of discus (And aperitifs) to come and celebrate this fish!!!

    Yann 🙂

  9. Hello to you,

    It is deplorable to see, that our championship, has been banned magazines aquarists.

    Our hobby released not grown such forgotten. Yet we did the maximum, to prevent and provide access to a wider audience.

    A poor attendance for a riot of activity proposed for free same Heiko Bleher had made the trip, arousing even not an interview, our magazines. We are surely not at the height of the other European clubs, so addressing a Championship that Paris was in its infancy.

    I understand the attitude of zoo Zajac, who ended up throwing in the towel. We have much more success during our travels in Asia (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, or shackles or the wilderness of the Amazon.)

    Given the popularity of our magazines will take us time, to regain young aquarists. Our passion is suffering from a lack of interest. I still don't understand the interest of the leaders !!!!


  10. Yann Hoiret on

    Hello Raja,

    I think as you advance you a little fast…

    You know a magazine writing the time request; your event held late April, I do not see how a magazine such as AquaMag (for example) could publish anything is about the discus show of Paris Grigny on their latest issue (To be completed the same month). This magazine is a quarterly…
    With regard to the second national magazine (Aquarium at home) I cannot tell you more because I have no contacts with their writing.

    I am somewhat surprised that you be aware (Since some of the members of your association are already) that a publication in the AquaMag magazine on this subject is normally intended…

    A German magazine has also contacted me for a report on your competition… Left me just a little time to breathe… 😉

    Short, I think it is not so "deplorable" that…
    You obviously weren't abreast. 🙁

    You are you insured that the various editors of magazines were aware of your event?

    With regard to the attendance, I think that it should think and questioning:
    What is only a good attendance? What are the elements that are coming or not enthusiasts, the communication that was made on the announcement of the event was good? etc etc…

    We must also be realistic, the Aquarium is not as popular as football!

    Joke aside, I met a good number of people active on french forum, and a lot of foreigners! For a first edition, I think that this is not so bad…
    Move application also means… For someone who had just like me far enough, This still represented a sum three-digit… for a weekend.

    I think that must be a real reflection, and question not bad points.

    With regard to Mr Zajac the problem was different for him because the objective was pecuniary… Seen the debauchery of energy demand this kind of event, a Manager hopes a minimum of return on investment.

    To re - conquer the amateurs and beginners, I think that at first it will take "sweep in front of our doors.". Because I'd be curious to know their opinions when they read the comments of 'specialists' squabbling is on social networks…
    I doubt that this kind of attitudes give want beginners…

    If you need a hand, you know that I can always help according to my means.

    Yann 🙂

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